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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Prayer Of Abandonment

I first learned of this prayer through my brothers at the St. Joseph’s Home for Boys in Haiti.  A dear friend, Maya Luckner Fond Rose, who I hope for you all to meet one day, prayed this prayer as he ‘grew up’ at St. Joe’s.  A former child slave found his ‘new life’ in Christ through loving relationships and passionate faith.  The lost was found.  The throw a way was restored.  God spoke into his life and into ours.  We come to find our deepest longings and very soul in God’s hands.  

I abandon myself into your hands;
Do with me what you will.
Whatever you may do, I thank you:
I am ready for all, I accept all.
Let only your will be done in me,
And in all your creatures.
I wish no more than this, O Lord.  

Into your hands I commend my soul.
I offer it to you,
With all the love of my heart,
For I love you Lord,
And so need to give myself,
To surrender myself into your hands,
Without reserve,
And with boundless confidence,
For you are my Father.

Charles de Foucalde

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