Fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Romans 12:2 MSG

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


To Live and Love like Jesus....that is a vision worth giving our lives to!

Jesus, with every interaction, pours out life and love. He holds nothing back. He deeply engages in the hurts and hopes of this world. He does not wait for people to come to him but rather he often goes the extra mile to search them out and invests in them right where they are. Teaching, healing, serving, feeding, giving, loving...all acts of radical generosity for the sake of the world.

Just imagine the word on the street about Our Savior's being that this is a church that really knows how to live and love like Jesus. That this is a church that always goes the extra mile in relationship, service, and generosity. That this is a church that deeply cares about impacting all lives in such a way as to bring more life to the whole person and thus the whole world. Just imagine being so alive as a church body that what people experience through us is the person of Jesus. Just imagine!

In a day in which many are asking whether the church actually cares about the hurts and hopes of the world, it is the church called OUR SAVIOR'S AUSTIN that can go to work in showing the world that YES! we do. Our whole heart, soul, and mind consumed with the passion to live and love like Jesus. Our daily ministry both here and around the world deeply invested through life-giving relationships, high touch service, and radical generosity. Every person engaged in mission both locally and globally. All of creation more alive because of our work together as the Jesus community on earth.

This weekend we hear the story of the blind man having his sight restored. He has a story to tell because of his experience with Jesus. What story will we tell? What stories will be told of us?

I found this video last week while searching for "Blind Man" stories. May you be inspired by how this young man is impacting lives even in the midst of his challenges!

Open the eyes of our hearts Lord. May we see Jesus in others and may others see Jesus in us!

Pastor Chad

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