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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Come and Build!

This week a servant team from Our Savior’s will join together with a team from Colorado and build hope with Amor Ministries. This hope will rise up from the ground on a new solid foundation of poured concrete. This hope will rise up when we partner with two families who will have a new home in just four days. This new hope will live on long after we have departed. Hope in us. Hope in our families. Hope in our friendships. Hope in our partnerships that bring life to the world. 

Lift your prayers for Amor and their work that takes place in Tijuana, but also throughout the world. It all started when a husband and wife felt the call to “Come and Build.” For over thirty five years they have poured out their lives on behalf of the poorest of the poor on planet earth. They called and invited thousands of people to join them on the journey. Thousands of lives transformed - the recipients of the homes, the pastoral networks that hold it all together, the travelers and servants who provide the resources and hearts and muscles to build. Be sure to give high fives to Sherry Chesak, Ava Chesak, Deb Goodew, and Lucas Goodew. Their YES! is an affirmation of God’s ongoing work in the world.

Consider this: The Christmas story tells us that Mary and Joseph were turned away because there was no room in the inn.  Thus, Jesus was born in a manger. The two new homes that will be built this week are mangers for Jesus. These homes will be where families gather to celebrate life. These homes will tell a story of God’s activity in the world. These homes will ring out with joy of the new thing that God is doing. These homes…….mangers of God’s love and hope for all.

May we always make room for Jesus. May we always make room for the work that God most needs done in this world. May we, God’s church, serve as mangers for Jesus!

Goodbye 2017. Hello 2018.

Amor! Come Build Hope!

Pastor Chad

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