Fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Romans 12:2 MSG

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The 95 RE's of Jesus for 2017!

Well – in true reformation spirit I want to share 95 words that begin with RE – words that put us into God’s lap 100% - no holding back – leading us in our identity and mission!
You ready?? Let’s go!
First – we must repent if we refuse to reignite that which God has given us.
Then we can resume that which Jesus lived, died, and was raised for – so that the whole world could come to him and have life abundantly.
That is why we must return to him, respond to him, receive him, recognize him, remember him, rehear him, refocus on him, reinstate him as the Lord of your life, reveal him to others, recommit to him, be reconciled in him, to let our whole life revolve around him, to be reborn in him, to resubmit to him, to resume a daily relationship with him, to reclaim him as Savior of the world, to rely on him for every need, and to experience redemption in him, because he will make all things new.
This means being receptive to change
Reinventing the old to make new
And then – refining the new
Reinforcing the word as a powerful force in life
Reliving the love of Christ daily
Restoring God to the center of life
This requires Realizing, relearning, removing, replacing, resigning,
The us, we, and I from the center and letting God alone dwell there
Then we can begin to Rearrange, retrain, renegotiate, remodel, revise, redesign, restructure, rework, reformulate, reassess, and reorder - Why we do what we do and for whom are we doing it
After that the We, You, Us will experience
Relief, refreshment, remarkable relationships
There will be revival in our lives
Rebar in our foundation that makes us stronger than before
We will have a rebuilt definition of life
A reenergized spirit
Reheated hearts that burn bright
Renewed responsibilities for sharing the gospel
Refreshed resources in the Lord
And have a reshaped mission for the church
We will have all this in the Lord
Regardless of the resistance, recoiling, redoing, regulations, repacking, retrying, reservations, rerunning, restarting, redundancy, resentment, remaking, rescheduling, reactivity, and retakes
Through all things
Let your reflexes in this world be reflections for him
As Jesus is to be reincarnated in you
Replay the stories of faith
Retreat to pray, reconvene with the people of faith as often as possible
Reach out with outstretched hands
And recommend Jesus to all
Rejoicing in his remarkable victory
And Do all this while remaining on the foundation
There you will find the resilience that is required
There you will be redirected
Realigned, renewed, reassured, resized, refitted, retooled, reelected, reused, and resent for the world
The reason why?
It all results in – not just an ongoing reformation
But a daily resurrection for the life of this world!
Whew! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!

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