Fix your attention on God. You'll be changed from the inside out. Romans 12:2 MSG

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

We Are Blessed To Be A Blessing

May the light at the core of your being illuminate the world.
Let your light so shine before others that they may see your good works and 
glorify your father in heaven.
                       Is the light of your life blessing others? Be Specific.
May you always be aware that you are loved beyond measure and may you be willing to love unconditionally in return.
           God loves you and you can’t do nothing about it.
                       How is God’s love for you being poured out as a blessing for others?
May you be reminded that we are all ONE. UBUNTU!
The South African Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu describes Ubuntu as: 
"It is the essence of being human. It speaks of the fact that my humanity is caught up and is inextricably bound up in yours. I am human because I belong. It speaks about wholeness, it speaks about compassion. A person with Ubuntu is welcoming, hospitable, warm and generous, willing to share. Such people are open and available to others, willing to be vulnerable, affirming of others, do not feel threatened that others are able and good, for they have a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that they belong in a greater whole. They know that they are diminished when others are humiliated, diminished when others are oppressed, diminished when others are treated as if they were less than who they are. The quality of Ubuntu gives people resilience, enabling them to survive and emerge still human despite all efforts to dehumanize them."
We are blessed to be a blessing! 
           How we doing at blessing each other and our world?
May we always remember that it is in giving that we receive….the greatest gift.
           What gifts are you daily receiving?
           What gifts are you daily giving?
May every doubt and fear be replaced by a deep and abiding trust as you behold evidence of God who is all around you.
           Name the greatness of this God who is all around us.
Let’s become a Church of hunters of blessings………actively seeking them out in every experience and person you encounter!

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