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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

PSALM 67 BLESSING (5-17-17)

May God be gracious to us and bless us, and make his face to shine upon us…….

This is a prayer of blessing that has been stated so many times over….in worship….in devotions….in prayer….in the sending of people to do great things in faith in this world.  And what a powerful blessing it is.

May God be gracious to us…………
            What is the grace that you are seeking?
            What is the heart of God reflecting to you?
            How are you at receiving that which God most wants to give to you?
May God bless us……….
            What blessings can you name that come from God?
            What is the abundance of blessings that you have received over your lifetime?
            Can you see the blessings of God throughout our world?
May God make his face shine upon us…….
            What does it feel like?
            How have you felt this in your life?
            Does God really shine his full presence on us?

During worship this weekend, and as with all times that we worship, the hope is that we come to know the full presence of God.  That we leave here as more hopeful and joyful people, because we get what it means to have this amazing God always with us.  Just imagine – God shining on us!  Because God shines on us….we can shine for God.

And that is the movement the Psalmist takes us to.  After this powerful opening of a call to praise, he gives the mission statement for why God would be so gracious and good to us…….and it is in the words that follow….

That your way may be known upon the earth……..
            Not our way…..but God’s way.
            God is the giver of abundant grace.
            God is the one who we come to rest in.
            God is the one who we move, live, and have our being in.
            God is our sure and ever present hope.

And so we as the gathered people of God are called to live in such a way as to make it possible for others to see this God of our world.  In everything we do, out of the great gift of grace that we ourselves have received, we point back to God.  In doing so, others can see and receive the gift that God seeks to give to all people. 

This week……feel the SHINE of God upon you.  And SHINE for God!

Pastor Chad

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